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The Refill Jacket is like a puzzle that can be put together to make outfits ever more captivating and refined, for a woman who loves travelling and adapting her look to the moment and to how she feels, always standing out due to her elegance and originality.

This item from J double C is a leather jacket which, depending on requirements and taste, can be transformed in many ways: the zips are definitely the stand-out feature, attaching the collar and sleeves, allowing immediate replacements so that infinite combinations are possible.


J double C has decided to create an accessory comfortable, versatile and functional for all those women who love to adapt and renew their own look for any occasion saving time.

Thus was born the Cover Bag, a stylish clutch bag in black leather interchangeable, suitable for women of all ages.

The clutch bag is delivered complete with Black Cover embellished with small studs and steel color, thanks to the side nickel free zip that embellish, fast and beautiful transformations are possible.

Cover are sold in camel-colored leather cover, in blue vintage denim, sweatshirt flower and leopard print and you can then replace the black cover to match your impeccably Bag Cover with every outfit.


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